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August is all about 🌸WOMEN’S HEALTH🌸

By Nikki Lefson, Clinical Psychologist and Functional Medicine Health Coach

The question is – what are YOU going to do to improve your wellness this month? Take some time to fill your cup… Choose one small habit today that could change how you feel tomorrow. I recently heard someone wisely say, “if you haven’t got time for your health today – have you got time for your illness in the future?”

You will find some ideas below – choose just something simple and commit to that. Prioritise yourself – you deserve it.

🌈 Eat a rainbow everyday – choose colourful fruits and vegetables at every meal. 🥦 Choose to eat healthy whole foods. 🥗 Eat small, health regular balanced meals. 🍯 Choose natural sugars, like honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar in place of regular sugar. 🍎 Stay well hydrated – add sliced fruit, herbs or certified therapeutic pure grade essential oils (I use Doterra because of their purity) to your water to make it more exciting. 🏌️‍♀️ Move, move, move – choose what you enjoy and DO IT - hike, run, yoga, swim, Pilates, cycle…. Invite a friend along to do it with you and you increase the chance of following through. 🌻 Get into nature often – even just into your garden and feel the grass between your toes. 🧘‍♀️ Stretch your body – do some yoga or Pilates. 🐶 Spend time with people – human or fur-babies – whom you love and who bring you joy. 🤝 Touch is so vital – hug a friend, hold a hand, cuddle your pet, or snuggle with your child. 🗣 Laugh and make time to have fun. 🙏 Find some stillness – breathe, meditate, or pray. 💃 Learn a new hobby or do something new and different. 💆‍♀️ Take regular breaks. Pause – walk in nature, coffee with a friend, read a good book in an Epson salt bath, listen to your favourite tunes. 🌞 Get some healing, uplifting Vitamin D - sit for 15-20 minutes in the sunlight.

Make a commitment to yourself that today is the day to put yourself and your health first. Enjoy the journey and how you feel when your health comes first, and your choices become good ones.

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