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All our coaches are registered Functional Medicine Health Coaches, certified by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), so you can be reassured that they are held to the highest standard and uphold a strict code of ethics.

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Nikki Temkin

Craighall Park, Johannesburg

Nikki Temkin

Lifestyle Management & Stress Management 

Insulin Resistance

Auto‑Immune Conditions

 Illness Prevention

 General Health & Well‑Being 

Burnout | Anxiety Management

Renny Letswalo 

Alberton, Johannesburg

Renny Letswalo 

Relationship Health | General Health & Well‑Being

Stress & Lifestyle Management

Chronic Illness 

Weight Management  Detoxification | Fatigue Management

Monica Condy

Broadacres, Johannesburg

Monica Condy

Gut Health | Diabetes

Lifestyle & Stress Management  

 Cardiovascular Disease

Children Chronic Illness

 Auto-Immune Conditions  

General Health & Well-being 

Weight Management

Sonja Bonsack

Midrand, Johannesburg

Sonja Bonsack

Relationship Health

Lifestyle Management

 Weight Management | Longevity

 DNA Testing | Group Health Workshops



Sandton, Johannesburg

Marguerite Doig-Gander


 Enzymatic Function 

Gut Health | Auto‑Immune Conditions | Inflammation

 Cognitive Decline

Christine Phillips

Bryanston, Johannesburg

Christine Phillips

Lifestyle Management

Corporate Wellness 

Auto-Immune Conditions 

Illness Prevention

 General Health & Well-being  Weight Management

Nurma Dippenaar

Pretoria East, Gauteng

Nürma Dippenaar

Gut Health | Fibromyalgia Lifestyle & Stress Management | Auto-Immune Conditions | Anxiety Management  | General Health & Well-being  | Burn-out | Meditation & Spiritual Guidance



Centurion, Johannesburg

Mariëlle Wolmarans

Gut Health | Chronic Conditions

Auto‑Immune Conditions

ADHD | Weight Management 

DNA Testing | Inflammation

Cognitive Decline

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